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Originally Posted by Shieze View Post
SO I have had my new car for less then a month and I have had a problem intermittently about 8 times so far.

Basically when I am starting the car it will sometimes start idling very low 500rpm then stall.

I have also had the above happen and I have hit the gas to bring the rpms up but shortly after driving I have tried to accelerate and the car is in neutral as the revs just go up freely. Changing it from Park to drive resolved this.

Do I have a problem with my DSG? I first experienced the stalling a couple of days after picking up the car.
I've had this very same thing happen too, before the reflash issue. I took it to the VW haus for it's first checkup, and they couldn't figure it out, but they did rule our the Mechatronic. I think they wanted to blame the Stage 1 Flash. But now, with a brand new programmed ECU and a APR Stage 1 Flash on that (and more radical performance), when after a cold start, within the first 1 - 2 min of driving, this can happen when I come to a stop, but it's not as bad. Once warmed up, it doesn't happen at all.
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