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Can someone explain the FWD Haldex system to me?

I feel this question would be easily answered by a schematic or diagram of the R32/CC VR6/Passat VR6/Tiguan 4motion transmission, but my question is this:

The Haldex system supposedly can deliver up to 100% of the power to the rear axle. Now I'm probably wrong, but I thought the PTO for the prop shaft to the rear axle got its power from the front differential housing - so there's a flange on the right side for the PTO, with a spline socket in the center for the right side halfshaft. The PTO and prop shaft are always driven, and a clutch pack on the rear differential input determines how much power the rear axle receives.
Like this:

And this:

If I'm right, then the rear axle can only receive 50% of the power, as there is no "center" differential - the clutch pack allows slip between the front and rear axles to prevent binding, but there is no way to direct 100% of the power to the rear axle...short of removing the front halfshafts and making the car RWD.
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