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Stage 1 GTI vs Audi A6 4.2 V8 (no video)

From a 3rd gear roll, some guy wanted to play merge wars from a 3 lane to a 2 lane.
I had already been watching him in my mirror since he was the only one to pop out into the 3rd lane at the light aggressively. Light turns green...moderate acceleration till i hear his car kickdown, i was in low 3rd gear M mode. He held my back bumper for about a second, holding 3rd got about 2 lengths, then i switched to 4th gear pulled about a car on shift ..holding out 4th got few more lengths. Shut down the race, guy seemed pretty cheesed off... I guess college university decals dont add horsepower ? . Ricer flyby as i had to turn later down the road. Zero traffic ahead, only raced cause i knew the area with no side streets around.

audi specs
350-hp/ 325 ft tq V-8 a6 automatic (generation c6) rated at 5.8 0-60 and
quarter mile of 14.6

cool story bro without a video i know. i just really thought the 4.2 would be much faster, in this case has got to be the audis massive curb weight ( 4,200 lbs) hurting its performance. That or a slushbox transmission.

First day in about 2 weeks where we've had dry, snow free streets. So pretty stoked.

pic for generation reference
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