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My modest build

So just over four years ago I bought a 2012 GTI with the most basic of basic packages. Growing up building muscles cars the only thing i cared about was the drivetrain and engine. I got my car on the cheap with only 127 miles on it; and a hidden advantage I would discover later is I saved a TON of weight by going with a 3dr w/o a sunroof.

I remember telling the salesman that I would never chip it; that I really liked it exactly how it was. This is still true for the most part.

Im not making the car a track car... nor am i making it a show car. I just like fixing things i see to be issues (eg. understeer; power; tq steer; aesthetic issues etc). Most of all I am not trying to go beyond the limits of the car/engine/drivetrain. I am a big believer of balance in all things... but mostly in cars.

This car is juvenile but capable; its outlandish but oddly tamed; its unassuming but with a heavy right foot will embarrass you in any kind of race.

This is my girl Radical Ed

At a glance & maintenance:
Stage 1 (Apr): 1500 miles
Stage 2 (Apr): 8000 miles
NGK plugs (.032 gap): 22000 miles
Southbend Stg 2 Daily "silent:" 27000 miles
Transmission oil change: 30000 miles
APR K04 + NGK plugs (.028 gap): 33000 miles
Fuel filter changed: 34500 miles/ 57000 miles
Brake Fluid: Motul 5.1
NGK BKR8EIX (.024gap): 65500 miles
Cabin Air filter changed: 45000 miles

Oil changes every 5k miles with Motul 300V 5w40
Accessory belt changed: 49000 miles
Battery change: 47EXTJ (32lbs)
Carbon Cleaning: 57.5k miles
Coolant Flush: 67k miles
(AU Tuning)
New Intake manifold: 60.5k miles (Ontario VW)
R8 Coil Packs (22000 miles/ 65500 miles)

Apr K04 Turbo V3.1
AEM V2 Water Methanol Kit
Integrated Engineering cold air Intake
Apr dp
Bosch 3bar map sensor
42DD catback
VWR Sport shifter
R8 coilpacks
NGK BKR8EIX spark plugs
Neuspeed TBP
Fluidampr Pulley
GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
Fumoto drain plug

Southbend Stage 2 Daily
Michelin Pilot Super Sports
Federal 595RSRR

VWR Poly front bushings
B6 Passat Aluminium Control Arms
Tyrol Sport rigid collar set

034 street density engine mount
034 street density transmission mount
034 Billet Dogbone mount

Stoptech ST-41 BBK
Drilled Rotors
SS lines
Hawk HPS brake pads
HPA 75a Puck
Koni Yellows
H&R Super Sport Springs
TTRS strut mounts and bearings
Enkei GT7s
Team Dynamic wheels

Unibrace UB/XB
KMD Tuning front subframe brace
KMD Tuning rear subframe brace

3M Charcoal Matte Metallic vinyl wrap
Golf R LED tails
BFI Alcantar shifter boot
Ecs Tuning Carbon Fiber Hood
EDs option 3 headlights
ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber front lip
EuroKreations rear seat delete
SRS-Tech fog light delete
BFI Schwartz Shift Knob
Custom sound deadening
Golf front grille
Red LED cockpit lighting
Plaid Vinyl wrap
Black side markers
LED License plate lights
Redline Boost gauge
Some vag tweaks on other random stuff

APR stage 1&2 CAI
Ed's LED headlights
SPM Engine/Trans mounts
BFI stage 1 dogbone insert
Stern RB
MKV R32 Belly pan
Avant Garde M310 wheels
Conti DWS Extreme Contact Tires
Neuspeed Springs
DG Springs


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How she sits
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2800lb k04'd daily driver

Radical Edward

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