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Correct CECM?/ bixenon- LED bixenon

Hi All,

I wasn't expecting this to be my first post, but I do have a question concerning the highline CECM. I have searched both here and the Vortex and still cant seem to find definitive information. I'm sure its out there somewhere, BUT:

I have a 2011 GTI w/ factory installed OEM Bixenon headlights. The passenger side was completely shot upon purchase and the dealer where I purchased the car said they would take care of the repair at my VW dealership. Very long story short: My VW dealer was sent a light and it's from a 2013 GTI w/ LEDs. My options are to keep the LED and get another for the drivers side using my good non LED drivers side and my bad passenger side non LED as an exchange for a LED drivers side. Alternately I could send the LED back and get the correct non LED for a 2011.

It looks like all GTI/GLIs came with the correct highline CECM and will just need to be coded to run the LEDs. Is this in fact the case? If that is the case I'd like to do it.

I just need to know 100% or this could be a costly error for me.

I'll post some pics of the car soon.

Thanks in advance!
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