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Jaber's CW GTI DE & TR GLI


Just your typical CW GTI. This was my first none american car purchase. I looked at Focus ST and MS3. I was determined to get a hatchback, as I love how much use you can get out of them. I couldn't get over the interior/exterior of the MS3, despite more power/fun factor. FoST, interior/exterior wasn't grabbing my attention, like the MS3. I could of lived with the FoST, but the DSG won me over. I tend to drive mostly city, so the DSG was more in my favor.

In our garage, we have a 2013 VW Jetta GLI - Tornado Red and 2013 VW GTI Drivers Edition - Candy White. After getting my GTI, my wife loved it. To the point where she hinted on trading in her 2012 Jeep Liberty Jet Edition. After looking for GTI's in our price range and test driving cars at the dealer. She ended up picking the GLI. So on the same month, we had brand new cars and got rid of our Jeeps.

The GLI for the most part is going to remain stock, only has 35% tint (legal limit). It will be getting a dedicated winter tire setup, maybe slight drop in the future.


2013 GLI Autobahn Edition - SOLD

2013 GTI D.E. W/DSG


  • Unitronic Stage 1+ @ 5k miles
  • Unitronic Stage 2 @ 8k miles
  • Unitronic Intake @ 6k miles
  • Unitronic TBE @ 8k miles
  • Unitronic DSG Stage 1 @ 36k miles
  • GFB DV+ @ 7K miles
  • R8 Coil Packs @ 5,200 miles
  • NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug BKR7EIX @17k miles
  • Neuspeed FMIC @15k miles
  • AWE TUNING S3 Turbo Outlet Pipe For Aftermarket Hoses @15k miles
  • Motul 5W40 Specific w/MANN Filter 5K Intervals
  • ECS Billet Boost Tap @12k miles
  • APR Pendulum Mount @ 33k miles
  • 034 Billet Insert @ 33k miles
  • 034 Street Density Mounts (Engine/Trans) @ 36k miles

  • GTI Seat Wrench Inserts
  • Newsouth Performance Vent Boost Gauge @ 12k miles
  • Unplugged Soundkator @ 8k miles
  • Red tape footwells
  • Passport Escort 8500 X50 Hardwired to Sun Visor / Mute Switch by MFD
  • OEM Euro Switch w/Trigger Wire (Not installed yet)
  • DoubleApex Garage Control
  • iBolt Mini Car Mount - 3M to Radio Trim
  • Eonon GA7153 Head Unit

  • Tint - 20% Side, 10% Rear, 5% Wind shield Strip - OLD
    35% Side, 10% Rear, 5% Strip - Current
  • PIAA Yellow Fog Lights
  • Plasti Dip (Gunmetal) rear VW emblem
  • Plasti Dip (Black) front grill stripes
  • ECS Clear Side Markers
  • deautokey LED Side Marker @15k miles
  • WeatherTech Window Deflectors Dark Tint
  • De-badged Rear GTI Emblem

  • 16'' Steelies w/General Altimax Artic 205/55/16 (Winter Set)
  • Sumitomo HTR Z III (Summer Set)
  • TyrolSport Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit (Not installed yet, need to continue collecting brake parts)
  • DG MT 4DR Springs @15k miles
  • 034 Strut Mounts @ 15k miles
  • SKF Strut Mount Bearings @15k miles
  • H&R RSB 24MM @ 33k miles
  • H&R FSB 26MM - Pending Install

Wishlist/Coming Soon:
  • LED Tails
  • HPA 75A
  • TyrolSport Front Deadset Kit

2013 GTI - Took in for service, passenger side seatbelt height adjustment was stuck. They freed it and no problems since. No parts replaced.

Mobile One Inc (Unitronic Authorized Dealer) for Tune & TBE installation.
Autobarn of Mount Prospect for warranty/service and purchased from.
Thalmann's Alignment for alignment

KMD Tuning - Frank is awesome and quick to respond. Purchased my Unitronic Intake from them and shipped fast once they received stock. Since then, they have been great in responding to inquiries/quotes.

Modded Euros - Fast shipping, great customer service, free shipping and no tax!

HS Tuning - Fast shipping, great customer service and their shop has great reputation in the community.

Stage 1+, DV+ & Intake Dyno @ Komet 6/28/2014:

Dyno Sheet 1, 2
235whp, 247wtq

Unitronic TBE / Intake GoPro-

Interior Recording

Another external recording with different mic

Current Pics:

That's all for now.

GTI should be getting a complete exterior detail soon. To also get rid of rail dust. I'll post some pics of the GLI eventually, when I take pics after a wash.
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