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Hello everyone,

New to the forum and to VW's, but just bought my first car this past weekend (note, this is not the first car I've had, its the first one I've purchased)

Base model GTI
bought with 7800 miles on the clock

I've lurked a bit and done some research and here is what I'm thinking about getting done to the car. This is highly subject to change as I like to change my mind a lot.

Uni Stage 1+ - Done 7/17/2015
Godspeed DP - Installed 9/13/2014
Custom Magnaflow Cat Back and High Flow 200 cell cat - 11/13/2014
GFB DV+ - cant remember when installed
Uni Intake - installed December 2015
R8 Coilpacks / new plugs - installed October 2016

H&R Super Sports - Installed 10/25/2014
Hotchkis Sway Bars - Purchased 3/2/2015, Rear bar installed mid May, front pending
Audi 17" Split 5's with Nitto NT01's (Track setup) - bought 5/1/2015
Ground Control Camber Plates - installed 2/27/2016
Rennline Race stud conversion - installed 6/7/2016
Koni Yellow Shocks - installed September 2016
034 Motorsports Subframe collars (front and rear)

Hawk HP+ front and HPS rear pads - Purchased 3/19/2015 with Motul RBF600 fluid, installed mid May
Tyrolsport brake stiffener kit
Functional brake hoses to rotors

Window Tint: 35% all around (legal limit in NC IIRC) - Done on 8/22/2014
Boost Gauge in vent pod - Installed 10/18/2014
Custom front splitter - currently in development
LED Reps

Plans are always changing. Initially I thought Id build this up into a track monster that I can still daily. Every once in a while the thought creeps up that the car is really too much of a compromise to be truly track worthy (I almost sold it nearly a year ago). I recently picked up a K04 off a forum member with the plan to rebuild it, install it, and add supporting mods for a 300+whp piece of German awesome. Once again (as I had predicted) I am rethinking modding the car much more at all. At stage 1 it already is faster than its aerodynamics allow at bigger tracks like VIR and Road Atlanta, and tracking a FWD car will always have its issues (mainly traction). Here is my current though process:

I owe $4500 on the car. It will be paid off before the end of the year.

It is already a ton of fun on the track in its current config. Could use a bit more downforce for the bigger tracks when going over 120mph.

IF I were to install the K04 and supporting mods, I'd be adding somewhere in the neighborhood of 100hp to a car that already has some grip issues. To get it where I want it would be over 5k in parts, closer to 7k after labor to install an LSD which is, IMHO, a requirement for tracking that kind of power.

I am looking to buy as house in the next 2 years and could use the extra money from not modding the car towards a bigger down payment, or moving in sooner.

For what I would need to put into this car to make it truely awesome on track, I think I would be better off to sell it, buy a miata, and convert it into a Turbo Exocet. I have always been planning on getting a 4 door wrangler (or potentially the Wrangler Truck when it comes out) as a daily and tow rig for a track car, so why dump money trying to make the GTI something it is not.

The GTI is excellent at pulling dual duty. It gets good gas mileage, is reliable with proper maintenance, and solidly quick on the track. It is not, however, particularly cheap or forgiving to work on, nor an ideal setup for a track car (RWD, light)

I'm currently thinking that I will rebuild the K04 I have, sell it to help pay off the GTI, do a last few tweaks to the braking and aero (all removable) and just enjoy it as it is until I am ready to move on to something full on track oriented. The only reason I am updating this post rather than adding a new reply is that there is no telling if I will feel this way in 6 months, or 6 hours. My feelings towards cars jump around like no-one else I know. Its equal parts annoying and entertaining. I think the main reason I even put anything here was just to type out my thoughts and have them in front of me, making them easier to quantify and see if I'm overthinking everything. Again. So far this plan of action still makes sense, so I suppose time will tell what route I end up going.
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