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Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Temperature Sensor///// Radiator Identification Senso

I copied my post over from THIS this thread to maybe combine information and solve this issue. This relates to CBFA or California Emissions cars only. Everyone with a CCTA....I currently hate you.

I installed my intercooler back in 2011, and didn't even take notice of this sensor. I would get the code about twice per summer. Never in the winter. Around February I hit some wood on the road and ended up replacing a bunch of parts in the front end (core support, condensor, etc.). I figured I'd check this out while I was in there, and it was TIGHT. At the time I really didn't worry about it as I only got the code about twice a summer.

Well, now I'm getting it quite often. The light really didn't bother me at first. I would just clear it when it came on, but waiting 2 days for the car to adapt every time I clear the codes sucks, and then the CEL comes back on after a week or two. So then I was just leaving it on...well then it clears itself after a few days and goes through adaptation again. I like my car running correctly in closed loop when it's supposed to, and by resetting readyness every week that doesn't happen.

Never had a problem with performance with this until yesterday. I noticed I was making 2-3psi less than usual. Came home, did a pressure test and couldn't find anything, I was stumped. This morning I was driving to work and same thing, lower boost than usual. Then it hit me to check the codes. I had a pending P2568, but no CEL lit. I cleared the codes (this is all while driving BTW), and BOOM, full boost again.

Long story short, I should have spaced it when I had the chance...I didn't. Clearly something has worn by it being in constant contact with the intercooler for 3 years. There is no way in hell I'm paying $250 for a new radiator, when it works just fine and the problem is because of a stupid emissions sensor.

So do we have options? Code it out in the tune (hello APR!)? Can we do the resistor trick like we used to in the 1.8t days? Buy the sensor seperately?

I've looked for the sensor alone, and haven't found anything. I havn't dug deep into it yet, but I'd like to find some diagrams and maybe see what the sensor is supposed to see and what the ECU wants to see. It's only a 2 wire sensor, so it shouldn't really be overly difficult to trick it.

Would anyone be willing to measure some values with a volt/ohm meter from there correctly working sensor? The plug is in clear view under the car.

Anyone have any schmatics on the sensor?

Is there anyway to log what values this is seeing with vagcom?

Any other thoughts suggestions?

Sorry for the book...
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