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I have a '11 GTI with 45k miles, bought it used and owned for 1 year.

4 weeks ago, it started to have rough idle and stall shortly after cranking over, ONLY on a warm engine. I can reliably reproduce it after letting it sit for 1 hour and starting it. It will restart 15 min later. When running, everything runs fine.


Had it seen at VW dealer; they said 'fuel rail pressure' was low; suspect a faulty in tank fuel pump. $840, no drivetrain warranty b/c it is "not connected to the engine". I spoke with VW rep and VWoA but same response. Whether this is a critical safety issue/warranty coverage item is for another thread, but I was disappointed and concerned. Filed a DOT NHTSA complaint.

This is a problem for '11 GTIs that's posted many times, but without a definitive solution. There seems a recall for Tiguans for this same problem.

Then 4 days ago, CEL light came on: code: P2293.

I replaced the fuel filter - no difference.

I am ordering a LPFP ($130 at Buyautoparts, $350 at dealer) - my research indicates this is the culprit.
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