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Official Integrated Engineering MK6 2.0T Performance Products Thread

In this thread we will go into detail on what we have to offer for your MK6 2.0T TSI, answer questions, offer technical advice, and give you insights to upcoming products. Please feel free to look around and ask us any questions that you may have.

Integrated Engineering started several years ago engineering and manufacturing high quality engine parts for VAG applications. Today thousands of customers are hitting the track, drag strip, and street with our engine parts. Our engine internals range from forged connecting rods and intake manifolds to valve train components. However, as the company has grown our product offering has also expanded greatly. Integrated Engineering, based out of Salt lake City, Utah, now operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility with resources including a full CNC machine shop, Superflow engine development test cell, Dynapack Chassis Dyno, 3D prototyping capabilities, and our in-house engineering team.

In the future you will see several complete performance packages coming to market that combine our well known hardware with IE stock ECU software. These will typically be in the form of our PowerPacks and turbo kits. In addition to complete packages we have also developed new products such as FDS Intercoolers, high pressure fuel pumps, and even chassis components. In our new product lines you can expect to see the same level of attention to detail and quality as many have you have come to expect from our engine parts.

IE offers a broad range of performance solutions to reach your power goals with ultimate quality and reliability. From simple bolt-ons to crazy track prepped super car slaying monster, we have the parts to complete your build. Listed below is a quick link overview of currently available IE products.

Recommended for OE - Stage 1 software and above
-IE FDS performance intercoolers

Recommended for Stage 2 software - K04 setup and above
-IE valve spring & titanium retainer kit

Recommended for big turbo setups and above
-IE H-beam "Drop-In" connecting rod set
-IE H-beam aftermarket piston connecting rod set
-IE performance rod install kit
-IE Spec Mahle piston set
-IE Sport Series assembled cylinder head
-IE performance valve guides

Chassis components
-IE adjustable FES camber plates

Billet Accessories
-IE Recirculating catch can kit
-IE billet valve cover breather plate
-IE billet boost tap
-IE billet boost cap
-IE billet diverter valve housing
-IE water methanol throttle plate
-IE rear breather block-off plate
-IE rear breather -10AN adapter plate
-IE secondary air injection block-off plate
-IE -10AN oil drain flange kit
-IE oil feed flange kit
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