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AWE Tuning’s Mk6 GTI Performance Catalog

Here’s something you may like. A central source for updates on AWE Tuning’s Mk6 GTI TSI product line-up. Check it, check again. Repeat. It’ll be maintained with the most up-to-date Mk6 GTI TSI product information.

Below you’ll find three recommended upgrade paths, followed by an “ala carte” section for those looking to create their own Performance. Whether you’re looking to dip your toe into AWE Tuning Performance technology with a basic tune, or your goal is to replicate AWE Tuning’s record setting Mk6 quarter mile, we’ve got you covered.

AWE Tuning Power Packages:

Stage 1 - G.I.A.C. Software Upgrade

Currently available for 2010 and 2011 model years.

G.I.A.C.’s Stage 1 Software is designed to be the perfect Performance compliment for a stock vehicle. Massive power improvements are achieved through the recalibration of the engine’s ignition timing, fuel mapping and boost with no compromises in reliability or driveability. Throttle response is also improved for a more direct, drive by cable, feel. A stage 1 Flash requires no Hardware changes to your car. Just buy and drive (faster).


All stages of G.I.A.C. Software are offered with the following program options:

• Stock Program (good if you need to switch the car back to stock performance for any reason)
• Pump Fuel Performance Program (91 or 93 octane depending on what is available in your area)
• Race Fuel Program
• Security Kill Program (no start)
• Valet Program (slooooow)
• Privacy Firewall (locks program in place with password)

G.I.A.C. allows you to switch programs with their remarkably easy to use Handheld Flashloader. Simply plug in the Flashloader into your OBD2 port, select “Read” and a light will illuminate next to which programs have been uploaded to your ECU. Push the button for the program you want, unplug the Flashloader and you’re set.

Stage 2 TSI Power Package:

For those looking to maximize the potential of the factory turbo, AWE Tuning simplifies the process of upgrading your GTI with the Stage 2 Power Package. Our proven Performance hardware and world class software from G.I.A.C. equals an impressive Performance package:

• 0.47 seconds quicker to 60mph and 2.55 seconds quicker to 100mph than stock
• Gains of 74 HP and 80 LB FT at the Crank

AWE Tuning Turboback Exhaust System
AWE Tuning C|C|B Intake
AWE Tuning TSI S3 Front Mounted Intercooler System
G.I.A.C. Software (with multiple switching options as with the Stage 1 software)
• Optional AWE Tuning Turbo Outlet Pipe

You can upgrade components individually as your budget allows or all at once for a completely new driving experience. Of note, if upgrading to Stage 2 software outside of the Stage 2 package, you’ll need to upgrade to a High Flow Downpipe to allow for more airflow.

Read more here:

2.0T Quarter Mile Package:

Record Breaker.

On April 9th 2011, AWE Tuning’s daily-driven Mk6 2.0T hit an 11.87 second quarter mile, and trapped 120.3 mph. That’s fast enough for it to be called the World’s Fastest TSI Powered Vehicle. Outright.

What’s more impressive than setting a World Record and being the first 2.0T TSI in the 11’s? AWE Tuning’s GTI is a true daily driver with off-the-shelf AWE Tuning and G.I.A.C. products, now available in one easy to acquire kit, so anyone can have a shot at an 11 second quarter mile.

Want to turn your GTI into a record breaker? Read more here:

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