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Originally Posted by aj_law View Post
Bottom line...there's a chance you can get them to eat more of the repair costs, but it'll require a lot of prodding and patience. Also, I'd say that if this is your first WP failure, you probably are less likely to get them to budge.

I just had mine replaced for the second time (third pump, including the original, obv) and I went through a similar experience. They were willing to "work with me," but they wouldn't tell me how much they would pay until I took it in and had it diagnosed at the dealership...which would've cost me $115 to have done. The only thing the dealership was able to tell me was that the total cost for the job was in the $900-$950 range ($115 would be applied as a credit if I had them do the work).

Basically, they wanted me to agree to have them do the work and we'd have to figure out after-the-fact how much (if any) VWoA would contribute. Considering what the dealership told me, it sounded like the best case scenario would've been they split the cost 50/50. I decided to tell them to go scratch and I took it to a very reliable and reputable aftermarket european specialist shop to have it done. Cost me about $600 which isn't much more than what I would've paid if I had the dealership do it, but I feel much more confident in their abilities.
I'm in the same boat; this will be my second replacement. As I mentioned in the original post I realize the part is out of warranty but I'm not OK with getting bent over for a poorly engineered part or improperly installed part. The argument is, this part has high frequency of failure and the standard parts & labor warranty is inadequate.

What steps did you take with the case manager that led you to having some confidence you would get assistance with the labor?
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