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Originally Posted by charrigan View Post
I would be happy that VW is covering the cost of the pump and you are only paying for labor. Simple fact is that you are out of warranty.

In my experience with other companies as soon a laywer comes into play all contact with the customer is cut and it goes to the lawyers of VW. The lawyers will show the facts and your case will get thrown out simply because you are out of any warranty you had.

I say accept them doing a goodwill replacement of the parts cost.
Read the threads and do it yourself.
However, and a big, however, is that VW is well aware of their problem and have yet to do anything positive to fix it...if its poor craftsmanship at a dealer installing wrong than it should be covered for X period of years after the install as its a fresh part that they know they have issues with on numerous revisions of the part...

Meaning they should take care of a loyal customer who is being hosed a little out of warranty but a leg of their enterprise (dealership) for a common issue that they continue to put a bandaid on rather than fix the problem, same goes with the tensioner
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