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Buying a Used MKVI GTI (waterpump?)

Hey guys,

New user here! My car was totaled in a deer strike so I have to get a car soon. I was looking at MKVI GTI's before the accident but now I'm seriously looking.

I found a 2012 Autobahn GTI 6-Speed 45,000miles with all of the options I would like, in the color I want, with 15k left on the powertrain warranty.

The car looks to be in great shape cosmetically. I wanted an unmodified car but has an intake and tinted tails.

The CarFax look fine BUT it has had two waterpump failures (about 15k apart from eachother) The waterpump was replaced at the dealership under warranty.

Would there be any damage to the car besides the waterpump itself? Would any issues from this arise while I'm still under warranty for another 15k miles? The waterpump failure itself does not scare me, but issues that could result from overheating do. What should I look for? Should I pass altogether?

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