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So I was pretty happy to see this thread at first... I just entered my VIN on the VW recalls site. According to the VW site, this is not a recall, but a service campaign. Remedy= "Your authorized Volkswagen dealer will inspect and, if necessary, replace the coolant pump in your vehicle."

My question is, how is this really anything different from the status quo? Did VW design a new water pump that they are reasonably confident will fix the issue? Or did they train the techs to install them with a different technique? I had my water pump replaced about 6 months ago with the BB rev and it's still okay, so I'm not sure what would happen if I brought my car into the dealership for this service campaign.

Seems like this would only be meaningful if I knew they were installing something that will last however long a water pump should actually last (years and years). Does anyone know what the difference between a recall and a service campaign will mean for us in this case?
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