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Epic bumpage.

Well, add me to the list of GTI owners that's experienced this problem. Stock. First time occurrence at nearly 70K.

Driving home from work and my low fuel light comes on. Nothing new, run it to around the same level most times I fill up. Stop at the usual Shell station on my route and fill it with 93. Start it up. No problems. May or may not be related, just figured I'd mention it.

Stop at a store to pick up a few items. I'm in there 10, maybe 15 minutes tops. Come out, try to start it up and get the same result seen in several videos in this and other related threads. It turns over, but doesn't start cleanly. Sputters and burps for a few seconds around 500, then dies. Try to start it again, same result. One time I tried to start it and gave it gas hoping to push it above 1K, but that seemed to kill it even faster.

Let the car sit for about 10 minutes, tried to start again, no dice. My thought at this point was something fuel related...maybe a fuel pump...or an injector...maybe I got a little unlucky and it's just a batch of bad gas.

Called for a ride and by the time they got there (about 20 minutes after my first attempt at starting), I figured I'd give it one last shot. Bam! Starts right up. Dafuq? Wasn't too confident driving it to other errands so I left it for a couple hours. Came back and she started right up again. Turned it off and tried starting again, no issues. Drove home. Parked. Off and on again...started up again.


And, now I read all these different threads about people having the same problem (gives me some sense of comfort) only to find out that there doesn't seem to be any real solution (sense of comfort gone). Gonna take it to my indie shop tonight to see if there are any codes, but judging by what others have said, I'm not expecting to get any...which is good and bad, obv.

Originally Posted by bimmerpwr View Post
There is a particular setting that seems to trigger this more than others from my experience.

AC on on max. Fan on speed 1 or 2.
Drive for about 5-10 minutes. Turn off the car with AC settings as above. Park for 5-10 minutes. Then start the car, and it seems to trigger it more often than not. I have close to 3000 miles and use BP93. Second time with BP.

Citco93 seemed to trigger it more than BP93, almost always dead on to the point where I had to make sure AC was off before starting.

It seems almost as if the car doesn't know AC is on and does not kick its RPM higher to make sure the motor can sustain the increased load. It doesn't bother me as much as creaking noises that local VW dealer doesn't seem to hear. My very first VW, loved the car, but I now understand why it's a second rate german brand, no offense.
I will say that this is the lone mitigating factor to my experience as well. I don't usually leave the A/C on when I turn the car off. I usually turn everything off before shutting down and starting, but in my haste to get into the store, I must've forgotten. Still, I turned everything off before trying the second and third time without any success. It seemed like time was the only thing that helped...almost as if the engine was flooded.

Originally Posted by sethmark View Post
Here's what I found out. Take your car to the dealer and tell them what the problem is. Ask them to contact the tech helpline. They should update your ECU to software revision 40. That's SUPPOSED to be the fix.

I can't confirm that it works, only that its supposed to.
Hope that's not the case as I haven't gone to the dealer in awhile...and I'd prefer to keep it that way. Wonder if the indie shops are privy to software revisions...

Originally Posted by Allen View Post
This story sounds familiar. Just got mine fixed at the dealership (hopefully). Here's how it went down. Hope this helps.

I had the same stalling problem happen to me the first time about a month ago. Started car, it wanted to stall, stayed around 500 rpm. When I tried to put the DSG in reverse, it wouldn't link up. I shut it off, turned it back on, and it ran great for two weeks.

Then, completely unrelatedly, my AC quit working about two weeks ago. Brought it in, and the dealer found an AC hose had been cut by an adjacent hose's clamp whose screw vibrated against the AC hose over time. It's very similar to what's discussed in this thread:

The dealer replaced the hose, moved the hose clamp, and charged the AC system under warranty. I arrived to pick it up a few days later.

When I got there, a service manager brought the car around. I got in, started it up, and the stalling action happened again. This time it was even worse, complete with rough idle and eventually the engine dying. I couldn't believe my luck that this other problem re-emerged right in front of a dealer. The service manager tried to start it again, and it did the same thing, complete with CEL lights flashing. The dealer immediately ran a diagnostic on it and got no codes. They turned it off, turned it back on, and it ran fine again.

So the car went back into the shop, and they tested the fuel system with pressure gauges. What they found was that when the car was turned off, the pressure in the fuel system downstream of the pump would drop over time. They also saw some high amp readings going to the fuel pump during operation. They weren't sure if it was the fuel pump or the fuel pump control module, so they replaced both under warranty.

I don't know what the problem was exactly, but if pressure was leaking back across the pump, it may have been a bad check valve. To me, having fuel leak back across the pump would make sense in explaining an issue that only arises during startup. I'm guessing that it just causes the engine to starve for gas while the fuel line is filling up during startup. I've had it back for a few days now with no problems. If I have any more issues, I'll post about it.
Will have to remember to ask them to check the fuel system. Advisor at the indie shop did say that he's seen a couple of these instances and they replaced the fuel pump control module. Not sure about the success rate. Will see what he says later this evening.

Anyone else had this issue? There are numerous threads about this, but I figured I'd limit the bump to the one that closely matched what I experienced.

Other related threads:
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