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Thought I'd give an update for those who may be interested.
I called in on Friday and opened a new case number. This is the email I provided for the new case:

This is regarding case 123456 seeking a refund for repairs out of warranty, which are now covered under a recall. Details below.

In August I opened case # 12345 regarding a 2011 GTI water pump. For the second time my water pump needed replacing; the first replacement was done under warranty on 5/19/2014 (a water pump part 06J121026BB) and the more recent failure cost me $541.34 out of warranty (out of warranty less than thirty days). The work was done on June 16-18 at Liberty Auto Plaza. This same known issue is now a service campaign. Reference VW Action Code 19K5 and attachments: service bill, vehicle history, and VW service campaign printout. Please issue a refund of the $541.34. If there are questions I am available by email or batphone.
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