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mikejsmith1985: 2012 GTI Autobahn

I have a build thread on another forum but find I spend most of my time here.

Presently my car sits as follows:

Eurodyne F23 custom street tune with F23 Turbo

Eurodyne DSG Tune

Forge intake "Euro spec" (FMINDMK6)

R8 CP & NGK Plugs PFR8S8EG (these are 1 step colder than OEM)

Eurojet 3" SS TBE

Frankenturbo F-TOP

Treadstone TR8 FMIC

CTS PCV System

PLX DM-6 multigauge with boost sensor


mFactory coilovers

LHD Touareg Brake Booster and 26.99cm MC

SS Braided lines

Brembo 17z 6 Pot Front calipers from Touareg

Brembo 4 Pot Rear calipers from Touareg

Brembo e-Brake caliper (3rd gen Viper)

Hawk HPS Street Pads

Neuspeed RS-E 12

Kumho Ecsta PS91

034 Street Density Motor Mounts

034 Billet Pendulum mount

034 Billet dogbone mount insert

I have a custom set of hats for 2 piece rotors, I'll buy rings and install when I change the pads.


Antigravity AG-1601 lithium battery with custom modified battery tray.

LED interior lights

Pending Installs:

Passat aluminum front LCA with super pro bushings.

Wish List:

LSD or AWD conversion

The car was previously APR Stage 2. The Eurodyne tune is very smooth and feels like it has more power up top than the APR Tune.

You'll find I'm fairly indecisive but in time always follow through with whatever I'm working on...

Goal for the build:

  • Have Fun
  • Do things differently
  • Give something back to the community

My build may not always consist of the "best" parts I'll never be the fastest, and I may never meet a single one of you in person. But I enjoy the forums and modifying my car. I hope I can share details about the parts I do install to give back to the community, and I hope I can inspire others to try something new!

The GTI Album:

2/13/16 Update: First Dyno was today pics of the log and map for the highest output dyno can be seen below and is clearly not an accurate power curve for this platform :-( :

9/24/16 Update: I finally made it out to the track after installing my motor mounts and summer tires. My best run broke me into the 12s. The car has more in it but I definitely need to learn to launch the car better ( I actually had a file loaded with LC disabled but didn't have the latest software to change the file and internet connectivity was terrible at the track)

This run was done @ ~ 85* with the AC on [emoji847] and I believe my worst reaction time of the night ( I know RT isn't included in the time just figured I'd mention I'm not a complete sloth) I'm so happy with the tune and the way the car drives. If I had launch control setup and could use it I suspect 12.7xx could be reached. The 335 I raced beat me off the line but never pulled me otherwise and run a 12.7. This specific race was against a new Camaro SS with drag radials but I don't know what if any other mods the car had.

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