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SawwuceBawse gets a mk6!

I'm now back into the vw community after taking a 2 year break. Ive owned several vw's in the past, but the only one worth noting was my mk5 gti. Thats the car that really got me into modding, and after a 2 year BMW hiatus, I had to go back to my roots.

Last week I became the proud owner of a 2012 Rising Blue Golf R. The car was previously owned by a local enthusiast, and has been reverted to stock for the most part. It has a custom brown diamond stitch re-wrap on the stock seats as well as the hood notch filled. It's going to be a great daily considering i live in Chicago and commute 25 miles each way to work. I'll update this thread with updates as they have them. I plan on keeping it simple and reliable. Bags/wheels/tune/exhaust/intake.

Here's a couple pics of the R.

And one of my GTI from right before I parted it out and sold it.
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