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Purchasing Used MKVI

Looking at 3 GTI's and was hoping to get some pricing infomation. Had a 2003 1.8T GTI back in 2005 which I loved and I'm looking to return to the car again. Will be trading in my 2015 Civic Si w/1800 miles in cherry condition.

First one: 2013 GTI w/14k Miles

Not crazy about the rims but I like the mileage and the fact that it's a DSG. Just not sure if the price is fair however, especially considering that I can pick up an slightly better equipped GTI with Nav/Sunroof with DSG and same miles for $2k more (See third one). Haven't spoke with this dealer yet.

Second one: 2013 GTI w/28k Miles

This one has the Nav/Sunroof and DSG as well although it also has 28k miles. All maintenance has been done and it has new tires on it as well from the dealer per the carfax and one owner. This dealer will give me an even trade on my Civic + dealer documentation fee ($289) for this specific GTI but I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Third one: 2015 GTI w/15k Miles

Obviously 2 years newer and lacking the Nav/Sunroof but nearly half the miles of the previous one. Also note that they are both from the same dealer. Would you pay the extra 1k for a newer car with half the miles? Or would you haggle hard on the slightly used 2013?

Lastly, can you guys explain to me, or your thoughts on why a 2 year older car with nearly identical setup is only 1k less with twice as many miles? Whats with the disparity in pricing? I know that the higher trims like the Autobahn and Drivers Edition would be more but for nearly identical setups I don't understand why a 2 year old car is only 1k less, especially when the older one isn't a CPO and the new one still has more warranty left. I've been looking a lot in my area and this disparity in pricing seems quite common. Maybe it's just me and I'm undervaluing these vehicles? Please feel free to tell me I'm being silly and the pricing is solid. I just want to get the best price I can. Really appreciate all your input!
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