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Originally Posted by ChrisB View Post
Yeah, insurance sucked when I owned Honda vehicles. In 2007, with a 2006 Mustang GT and a 1997 Civic EX, for liability only, my civic insurance was $200 less per year than the Mustang that had full coverage. IDK what it is, but insurance companies put the screws to Honda owners, full coverage or not.

I only kept the civic back then because I traveled a lot for my job and would get 36 MPG on the highway. I actually made money on my travel reimbursement! After my work situation changed, I sold it.

Also, I was just ribbing you about the condolences part. At least you like what you purchased!
Yea when I was speaking with an independent insurance broker she said that the engine is considered high performance and then also reminded me that civics and Honda's in general are one of the most stolen vehicles on the market.

Yea I'm pretty damn happy with the GTI.
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