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Pacs Golf 6 R build Stage unknown (some pic added )


All new here

Ride is a 2010 Golf 6 R stage ???

When i got this car it was semi modded allready so iam not sure what parts are fitted

Prewus owner have add

BCS turboback
THS intercooler.
Auto Tech high pressure fuel pump
ko4 Hybrid Turbo with larger turbine / lightweight wheels .
Heat coated surfaces. Ported manifold about 4%. Reinforced bearings,
which makes it suited for 10-15 % more pressure

It was supose to do 380-390hp but it had some air intake
problems and some injector problems as well so outcome was 340 HP

i meet up with a local tuner and we added some stuff :-D

Revo air intake
Rs4 injectors
R8 ignition coil
new sparkplugs
new oil

oooh and we changde the turbo to a TTE420

Car is now pushes 460HP and 597nm
We also did do another set up at 457 HP and 611nm

Custum DGS file too

We did test on normal road with streettyres and racelog

0-100 km/h 3,4 sec

80-150 km/h 4,8 sec

Atm we are working on WMI and hope it can provide approximately 60 hp

And we add a boost controller as well

Iam thinking on mabye getting a HPA intake manifold
but iam not sure what we can do with that

I saw that on APR stage 3 they add 35-50hp so i am not sure if we do that
and hope for 550 HP ?

We may have max out the TTE420 around the 500 HP mark

More info to come when we done with the WMI :-)

I upload some pics and if possible, a video of the dyno test

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