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HYDE16 - The Pag Parts EFR Turbo Kit

Jekyll Is Dead! Long Live HYDE!
My previous HYDE16 - Project Jekyll & Hyde Build Thread theme led me to build a daily driver while striking a fine balance between a daycare shuttle during the week (JEKYLL) and aggressive performer during cruises, highway pulls or at track events (HYDE). I’ve focused on increasing stiffness, correcting or improving suspension geometry, adding traction, and realizing better overall response from driver input while limiting NVH, rattles and feeling beat up from long drives. After studying the effects of water methanol (thanks to Jamie@APR and tech@Aquamist), I was able to safely max out the ported & polished APR K04’s power potential with direct port water methanol and the APR V3.1 100 octane software file with 93 pump gas on a daily basis. To go a step further, I tested the limits of running E85 blends as direct port water methanol allowed for enough fueling headroom in the OEM fuel system to slowly increase E85 blends, ultimately allowing me to run E50 safely on a daily basis. Ever after all of this, the K04 still showed its limitations when I was decimated by an APR Stage 3+ MK6 Golf R, and after that, I decided it was time to move up to a big turbo build. Even though it was not required for this turbo kit, I decided to have the engine built to realize the full power potential of this big turbo choice. Now I can document what was needed to attain and effectively use this level of power. This thread is dedicated to building a big turbo GTI complete with engine and fuel build by Pag Parts Turbo, Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit and supporting drivetrain build. As the build moves forward in its final stages, I will post updates with photos in this thread and the complete chronological, step by step build photos on a daily basis on Instagram (@becauseryanjacobs) for those who want to follow the progression.

Big Turbo Options:
There are several complete big turbo kits on the market today. Bolt them on, flash the packaged tune and off you go without having to upgrade engine internals. After watching the natural progression of some other K04 users, they moved on to the next-size-up big turbo kit but were still left wanting more. Not having the expertise to piece together my own kit, I searched for larger big turbo kits with a high quality exhaust manifold, future power potential and an OEM inspired, all in one package. At the time, I researched big turbo kits which may not require upgraded engine internals or additional fueling at first (reduced output software file) but had the future power potential if I decided to have the engine built and install additional fueling options (full output software file). This led me to Pag Parts Turbo (PPT).

Pag Parts Turbo (PPT):
Google “Pag Parts Turbo” or “PPT” and the results immediately return Audi and VW reviews, videos and feedback from around the world. In all of my research and forum reviews, I’ve never come across a company that had so much consistent, positive feedback. Read any thread about PPT engine builds, turbo kits, exhaust manifolds or customer service in general and the results show a very strong recurring theme: absolute, guaranteed quality. From what I have read, PPT has established themselves as a dominant force in the 1.8T and FSI world, providing some of the highest quality, hassle-free, reliable turbo kits and components on the market. Many PPT customers have their own build threads and to this day their feedback is a testament to Arnold’s knowledge around design and quality which has lead to long-term reliability and power. Website intro: PPT produces some of the highest quality turbocharger kits for VW transverse and Audi longitudinal applications incorporating the latest turbocharger options with simple installation. Their v-banded kits have been proven on some of the most demanding vehicles with a wide range of power requirements. PPT offers a complete selection of standard and custom turbos from Borg Warner, Bullseye Power, Garrett, Precisio, etc. They have a full selection of engine, exhaust, suspension, gauges and electronics, silicone, wastegates, blowoff valves, fueling components, clutches, limited slip differential options and more.

The Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit:
After learning that PPT was developing a complete big turbo setup for the 2.0 TSI/TFSI market, I called Arnold to hear more about his upcoming turbo kit. He explained that he wanted to provide a fully bolt on, v-banded, singe scroll turbo kit with a choice of the EFR series 6758 .64AR or 7163 .85AR turbo (both internally gated) for stock engines or fully built engines with varying software options. In our conversation, Arnold explained that he wanted to provide a turbo kit which does not require upgraded engine internals or additional fueling (reduced output software file) but had the future power potential if a customer decided to have the engine built (higher output software file) and install additional fueling options (full output software file). When reading about the countless engine builds Arnold has completed for some of the highest HP Audi & VW owners, I decided to go all out and have PPT design a fully built long block engine to realize the full potential of his turbo kit. Needless to say, I am very proud to introduce the first PPT EFR 7163 Turbo Kit for the 2.0 TSI (EA888 Gen 1 & Gen 2) platform.

Overall, thus far, my experience with Arnold and Pag Parts Turbo (PPT) has been amazing and has elevated my knowledge about engine builds, fueling and turbo choices. Arnold designed this EFR turbo kit to retain an OEM look and the ease of installation without having to upgrade engine internals or fueling is a big plus. His expertise and professionalism is really what sold me on trusting him with my car over the past few months. I’ve felt confident in the fact that if I had questions or wanted an update on the build, he was always willing to get on the phone and I know he will provide this same level of support in the future when it comes to completing this build. During this build, I have had some of his previous customers reach out to me and "welcome" me to the Pag Parts family (rracerguy717), explaining their previous builds by Arnold and how they are running strong after many years.

Big Turbo Goals:
Aside from wanting to build a higher power “street spec” engine for daily driving, listed below, I have a few specific goals or milestones I want to accomplish over the next year or two.
-Build and develop a GTI transmission to handle this power level (see Drivetrain explanation below)
-Develop water methanol / E85 files with the use of Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite for highest HP/TQ stats
-Slipstream Racing Event – 1/2 mile dig or roll stats
-Island Dragway – 1/4 mile stats
-Updated article in European Car & Performance VW (European Car Sweating the Details, Perfecting the VW GTI One Component At A Time, March 2015 / Performance VW Built Not Bought, April 2014)

Work Done By:
Caste Systems Performance - Norwood, NJ
Detailer’s Domain - Norwood, NJ
KMD Tuning - Saddle Brook, NJ
Linden VW - Linden, NJ
Pag Parts Turbo - Deer Park, NY
Redline Speed Worx - Washington, NJ
TyrolSport - Ridgewood, NY

Special Thanks To:
apa11393, Erball, eurocars, GTR Killer, James9120, Jamie@APR, Jeff43, Jettaglis, jettaglx91, kern417, Mdhollis, RGTI13, rracerguy717, Simmsled, tech@Aquamist, the bruce, U-20T, *****2.0t, wndwsdwngti860 and many others from the GolfMK6 Big Turbo Discussion Thread
Pag Parts EFR Turbo Thread: HYDE16 - The Pag Parts EFR Turbo Kit
Build Thread: HYDE16 - Project Jekyll & Hyde Build Thread
Facebook: Ryan Jacobs
YouTube: HYDE16

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