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Buying My First GTI (2011)

Hey guys,

I am looking at buying my first GTI and I have been spending forever trying to get one that fits what I am looking for. I've gone back and forth between Mk6s and 7s but decided to go used to save some money since this is one of my first bought cars. I was looking at new due to the piece of mind for maintenance and for the lighting package

I found a 2011 CSG Sunroof and Nav DSG and got a quote for what I think is a great price but I am weary because it seems like too good of a deal! I do get the Bi-Xenon Adapative Headlights (do they come with all nav mk6s?) which I am pumped about.

It has 54k miles and is $14,300. It was involved in a rear end accident (but said airbags didn't deploy). It looks like it was fantastically maintained (serviced every 10k and 3 out of 5 at VW dealerships) and the DSG fluid looks like it was changed at 40k.


I am still going to take it to a mechanic before I buy, just to make sure there were no alignment problems from the accident and that is really my biggest concern. But, what do you guys think of the deal. I am excited to drive and buy a GTI so I am hoping it checks out so I can drive it home!

Thanks for any input!
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