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Mk6 GTI Accessport & Accesstuner Updates - Current OTS Maps, Firmware, and Software

*** UPDATE - 08/09/2017 ***

The first round of COBB Custom Features for Mk6 GTI Accessport users includes a core group of features that we have successfully implemented on other platforms in the COBB lineup. These features include Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting for 6MT cars, and Burnout Mode. An increase to the Boost Limit also provides Protuners with the ability to increase power on vehicles with upgraded turbochargers where they were previously limited.

Head over to the COBB Blog for a complete write-up:
Volkswagen Mk6 GTI Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, and Burnout Mode

Accessport Manager -

COBB Tuning OTS Maps -

OTS Map Notes Page -

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