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Originally Posted by XGC75 View Post
^^ for those and the bolt holding the banjo on the fluid line to the turbo it's best to use a triple square set with some kind of hex pattern on the bit just before the socket end. What I did was to put the M(something) into the bolt, then used a 10mm crescent wrench to torque the M(something) bit.

Edit: like so:

Sincerely, XGC75
Nice! I have the this kit per this thread:

so that should definitely work. What other tricks you got for this install!?
Ordered my long reach ball head hex socket set for the 6mm...
Just from reading everything I feel like when the heat shield comes off it should just rain beer from all cylinders in celebration.

EDIT. Holy crap...I see you're in SW Michigan. Where at? I'm 20 minutes from the boarder.
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