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Wanted to show off the goodies.

Did the Soundaktor delete today. It was a pain to reach in there. I wasn't sure which tab thingy I was supposed to pull on. I used a long flat head screwdriver to pry it off. I didn't end up zip tying it anywhere. Took it on a test drive and didn't hear it rattling. Also was able to hear more engine/turbo noise and no more fake grumble. I'm very happy.

Replaced the spark plugs. Cleaned the AC system and replaced the cabin air filter. No more nasty smell when I turn on the AC.

Also, as you can see in the picture, I have my SPM downpipe now. It's used so it needed some attention before installation. I used some steel wool and a wire brush to clean and polish it up a bit. Then I used VHT exhaust paint and coated all of it (except the flex pipe). After curing it in my oven the best I can (my oven doesn't go up to 600*), I went about measuring and cutting the reducer pipe in order to make room for my Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator. I didn't have any good method of cutting (no plasma cutter, sawzall, chain cutter, etc), so I resorted to a dremel. Not the straightest cuts, but they will work.

Tomorrow I plan on using the DEI Titanium exhaust wrap to wrap up the downpipe sections. After I wrap it, I'll likely assemble a few parts and test fit some things. Install will happen sometime this week/weekend.

My intake should be here on Thursday, so this weekend may be a good wrenching weekend for me.
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