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I finally got the Integrated Engineering intake and my SPM downpipe on the car. The intake job took me a good two hours of work whereas the downpipe took about four.

Post install, the intake is pretty loud (but I've also removed the hood heat insulation and the rubber weather stripping. I think it helps flow air out of the engine bay, but noises can be heard more too. I might end up putting the insulation pad back on the hood. I like the sounds, but they may not pass the "wife" test.

With the Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator on my downpipe, it sounds stock from inside the cabin (which is what I wanted). Even at WOT, I can't hear any increase in exhaust noise. But I sure can still hear the turbo and intake.

Integrated Engineering also hooked me up with some cool swag, so I through an IE badge on the back of my car. I've worked with three different people at IE, and I have to say, their customer service is unrivaled! I've always heard they had quality products (which they do), but I'm a sold customer on IE now.

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