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Ok some of you may have seen a post from me recently regarding swapping headlights. The quick and short of it is I got into an accident where both headlights where toast. I had a 2010 with BiXenons. I was able to ask them to put the newer model headlights in with the LED DRLs. I had asked on here if there were any problems anyone knew of. Not to much info was shared as it seems no one here has done that upgrade (understandable). Well the car is back and looks amazing and the headlights are in. Everything works except ..... No DRLs and instead a light out warning for them. Headlights and turn signals all work beautifully (so I am legal for now and could take the car home). However I need to get the LEDs as DRLs. I have access to a friend with VAG. However we can not find out what to change. Is there anyone who by chance knows what to change. Or we are looking for someone with the LED DRLs and VAG that can go in and look at your coding and share with us what it is so we can give that a go. Thanks much in advance!

your looking for
BYTE 27:
Check BIT 2
LED-Daytime Running Light (DRL) Module for ParkingPosition Light & Daytime Running Light(DRL)

All Highline ECM's will have it and some Newer software version Midline ECM's if you have an older midline you will be missing this setting. you can find more on this page for other settings. If you still have issues a wiring change could be needed.
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