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When I bought my 034 RSB I also bought a new pendulum mount. I've seen too many threads and posts of people who have snapped their OEM mount on a launch and have wrecked other parts in their car. So I bought the upgraded mount mainly as a preventative maintenance/upgrade.

The install was very straight forward, nothing cosmic. There are instructions on the 034 site. I've heard some people say the install was difficult because when the stock mount is removed the tranny rotates, making it difficult to line up the holes to thread the new bolt through on the center bolt. I didn't really have that issue.

All said and done, the install took me about 30 minutes. I wish I would've used some Locktight. It's recommended, but probably not necessary. At some point, I may go back under and put on some Locktight when I buy some more.

As for impressions.... I don't really notice much difference. I wasn't expecting to notice much of a difference either though. My DSG shifts pretty smoothly already, so I wasn't expecting a drastic change there. The shifts do seem a bit smoother though. Thankfully, there is absolutely ZERO increase in NVH. Maybe even a slight decrease in NVH.

So in the end, I recommend the upgrade. Now I have piece of mind that I can launch my car without the OEM mount snapping and blowing up the rest of my front end. I can't recommend 034 high enough for their parts and customer service.


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