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DSG Oil Overheat

Hey guys, having a weird issue that I havent had before (unless I launched too many times).

My car is Stage2+ and has been for a while. It recently went to the dealer for its service and they changed the DSG fluid.

All is well, until I decide to launch the car. And as soon as I do that the DSG Overheat red warning comes on. Car has Unitronic DSG tune.

VCDS shows an average og 80 to 90 degrees celsius on all 3 blocks on Group 019 when the car is fully warmed up and have given it a few WOT runs. Only when I launch does the Clutch Fluid Temp shoot up to 170 celsius and as soon as I back off it takes a few seconds for it to come down to 100 degrees celsius.
Also have loaded the Stage2+ 98 tune ( was using a watered down 95tune as the fuel is bad here) since I have my WMI installed. Zero timing issues and the car feels amazing and strong

Do you think the dealer underfilled or orfilled my gearbox. Or is the torque from the stronger tune overheating the DSG? I am using the DSG tune and it has never done this before
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