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Tony's Black GTI--pics galore

EDIT: Since Photobucket started charging for 3rd party hosting I've taken the time to migrate everything over to flickr and reposted all of my photos in this thread. Apologies for the poor quality of those photos since they could only be downloaded at a max resolution of 640x480. Everything loaded directly to flickr will be full size, high-resolution (click the image for full resolution).

Firstly, I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've been able to learn on this forum. It's been a great resource as I work on modifying a car for the first time. I should have started a build thread awhile ago to keep track of everything but oh well. My goals for this car are to create an enjoyable car that can be used as my daily and also maybe the occasional track day. I'd like to subtly make the car a bit more eye catching than it is in stock form. More than anything I want to enjoy working on the car/learning since I will treat the car as a constant project.

I bought my GTI in April '15 with 54k. It is the first car I’ve ever owned. It was bone stock with the following specs:
-2011 Deep Black Pearl
-6 speed Manual
-4 door
-Bi-xenon headlights
-Plaid Seats
-RNS-315 Nav System
-OEM mudflaps

I made a few cosmetic modifications but otherwise I drove the car for almost an entire year completely stock engine-wise. When I decided to get tuned I went APR stage 1 mostly out of convenience since I had a local shop that could flash me. Then I started making some other significant modifications to get to the point where I am now. This car is my daily driver and I pile the miles on.

-APR Stage I 93 octane tune
-K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake - Removed
-Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake
-NGK PFR7S8EG Spark Plugs
-Audi "Red Top" Coil Packs (06E905115F)
-Forge Twintercooler
-RAI Motorsports 3" downpipe w/ 300 cell cat. Vibrant J spacer.
-Magnaflow Catback
-iAbed Industries Billet Rear Main Seal
-Timing chains/guides/tensioners replaced w/ newest revision parts

-DIY RSR Clutch kit w/OEM flywheel
-Dieselgeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter
-034 Motorsports Billet Dogbone Insert
-Clutch line flow restrictor removed
-eBay clutch stop
-ECS Billet/Leather Shift Knob
-Dieselgeek Upgraded Shifter Shaft Bushing Kit
-CTS Billet Shifter Bracket Bushings
-Shimmed shifter ball per Dieselgeek

-Porsche Boxster S 986 Calipers Powdercoated Yellow
-Stoptech 321x30mm Slotted Rotors (Audi B5 S4 fitment)
-EBC Red Pads
-HEL Stainless Steel lines
-Apikol Caliper Brackets

-ST X Coilovers
-Powerflex Front Control Arm/Rear Position Polyurethane Bushings/Brackets (ALK)
-SuperPro Front Control Arm/Front Position Polyurethane Bushings
-ECS Tuning Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links
-ECS Tuning Front Subframe Locking Collar Kit

-OZ Ultraleggera, Black, 18x8 ET45
-Motorsport Hardware Stud Conversion (72mm front & 68mm rear)
-Motorsport-Tech custom 6mm spacers (front wheels, to clear Boxster S calipers)
-H&R Sport Springs - Removed

-Koni Yellow struts/dampers - Removed
-ECS Flush Kit: 10mm Front / 15mm Rear Wheel Spacers - Removed


-US Millworks Tow Hook License Bracket
-Volvo Rear License Plate Bracket (Part# 9154456)
-Golf R Upper Grille
-Custom Golf bar-style lower grille
-Gloss Black Front & Rear Volkswagen emblems
-Klii Maryland Flag Rear Badge Inlay
-De-badged rear GTI emblem
-Color matched side markers (vinyl wrapped)
-Windows tinted 35% Llumar Classic
-LED tail lights (Reps, as discussed in this thread) - Removed due to dead LED's
-Depo dark cherry LED tail lights
-LED City/Parking Lights DIY Here
-DeAutoKey LED fog light kit
-Front fenders rolled
-Carbon Fiber OEM-style lip
-Hood Insulation Blanket Delete
-Carbon Fiber headlight eyebrows
-Weathertech window deflectors (dark tint)

-ECS Tuning Vent Boost Gauge
-Euro Cupholder
-Soundaktor removed
-Airbag warning sticker on visor delete
-Hardwired USB Charger (Double Apex style in far right dummy button)
-OEM Euro Switch
-ProClip angled dash mount for cell phone
-5 channel sound system
Amp: NVX JAD900.5
Front Speakers: Morel Maximo 6 Component
Rear Speakers: Morel Maximo 6 Component
Subwoofer: JL Audio 10w3v3-2 in SRQ Customs Sidemount Enclosure
4ga power wire, 16ga speaker wire, Head unit coded via VAGCOM to Dynaudio Sound System preamp outputs

-Gauge Sweep
-Windows up/down via keyfob
-Fogs as cornering lights
-Disable rear wiper in reverse
-Front wiper teardrop
-Coded LED tail lights
-Coded LED Parking/City lights

Noteworthy Maintenance:
(starting at 54k when I purchased the car, not including routine maintenance):
-62k: I replaced the transmission oil with Motul Gear 300 75W90. It felt a littler notchier than OEM when cold but great when warmed up.
-65k: My water pump was leaking so VW replaced it for free at 65k.
-65k: A few days later the car felt like it was missing and threw a CEL so I took it to the dealer (before I owned VAGCOM) and they diagnosed and replaced a fuel injector for free. They noted heavy carbon build-up on the intake valves (no surprise there).
-72k: Bleed clutch & brakes. Removed the flow restrictor in the clutch line. This made a nice difference in how the clutch engaged.
-74k: The car threw codes P2015, P0088, P2279, & P2187 read via VAGCOM. I checked the intake manifold and the flap actuator arm was popped out of place. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the intake manifold for Free.99.
-74k: I had the dealership do the intake valve carbon cleaning. I was going to tackle this myself but paid 2hrs labor for them to do it while they replaced the intake manifold. The tech said they desperately needed cleaning. That, and the intake manifold replacement, resolved some hesitation issues I had ~4k rpm and made the car feel as though it was running much healthier.
-76k: Replaced the OEM battery in Oct. 2016--5years and eight months after the car’s build date.
-106k: Camshaft & Balance shaft timing chains/tensioners/guides replaced. Info, pictures, and tips here.
-106k: DIY RSR Clutch kit (gently used OEM DMFW) and iAbed Billet Rear Main Seal. Info, pictures, and tips here.

Future Mods:
-Full timing system replacement. I plan on keeping this car a long time.
-DIY RSR Clutch kit
-iAbed Industries Rear Main Seal
-Stage II Tune (Cobb/Stratified???)
-Porsche Boxster brake setup
-Ignition service: R8 coil packs & OEM plugs
-034 or BFI Street Density Mounts
-Vinyl wrap
-ST Coilovers
-Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings
-Subframe mount collars
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