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Gained some perspective today...

The Want to Go Fast group came to my hometown today and I went to its second day and final day. Weather was supposed to prevent it all from happening but thankfully it held off till the afternoon.

There was a ton of really fast cars there! A bunch in the 150+ range (1/2 mile drags) and a small handfull over 200mph.

Gtr's, R8 v10, MCclaren, vipers, vettes, twin turbo lambos all kinds of other crazy fast stuff

So there was only one VW running which kept averaging in the low to mid 120's. So on my way out for the day he happened to be pulling into the pits to let it cool down so I stopped to talk to him.

He's running a basic stage 2 setup with intake, boost pipes, R8 coils. Stock intercooler and driveline mounts.

So if he can pull that I'm thinking I should be in the mid 130's once I get the high boost file and intercooler in. That's right in camaro ss (mildly modified) and mustang gt territory. A stock Cherokee srt-8 kept running mid 120's all day.

There was some hot girls driving too! One in a mustang in the high 160s and another in a badass brand new Porsche Turbo gts!

There was a s63 running in the low 140s and a BMW 740i running in the low 130s! I couldn't believe such big heavy cars were moving that fast!

All in all it was a really cool event and glad it's so close to me (10-12 miles)

They're supposed to be doing a south Florida edition soon for those of you interested
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