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Well ordered my first few parts/things:

New fuel filter (As i am at 40k miles right now)
White painted front euro lip from deutsche auto parts
RCD510 radio (i dont use nav so figured id save a few hundred bucks vs the rns 510)
New fog light housings (mine are consensating on the inside and look like crap)
fog light tint film since the clear fogs look kinda gay
6000k fog HID kit
black VW badges for front/back

And some detailing supplies - mequiars cutting microfiber pads, sonax cutmax compound, and a swirl finder flashlight/pen. Gonna give the paint a real nice workover within the next few weeks!

Besides a scratch on the passenger door, no other existing paint damage except the rear quarter where the repair shop did a less than stellar job and the paint has chipped off and there is some rust. I may have to get that taken care of somewhere as i am a detail freak!

Also the aftermarket sideskirts are chipping their paint off as well, and i can order some prepainted skirts off ebay to replace them.

Front bumper has a dent too, which i will see if i can massage out with a heatgun. If not, i might just have to do the 'unthinkable' and grab a golf r bumper (just love the look sorry if that makes me a poser) and go that route.

More to come!

EDIT: MIGHT (might!!) snag a set of MK7 Golf R wheels/tires this week since the cheesewheel rims that came on this car are ugly, curbrashed and low on tire tread
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