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Rough engine/engine cutoff??

so i went to start my car and it cut on but the engine sounded really rough and as i pushed the gas it would barley rev and it cut off. went to start it again and it wouldn't start. we tried jumping it which worked after while but the same thing happened. the engine ran really rough and only stayed on if i pressed the gas completely. as soon as i took my foot off of the gas the car cuts off..what do you think could be wrong? hpfp? pcv? my engine had been having rough startups for a little while now and idling high at stops but i figured it was the pcv and was getting ready to fix that. i also have an oil leak coming from the rear main seal but i make sure my oil stays leveled (lots of problems i know, haven't really had the cash to maintain my car the way i should)..but i will post a video with the sound. any help or advice would be great, thanks.
(video wont post, still trying to)

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