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Financial mistake #2.

So I realize I never posted here about my R. At first I had #153 mkv R32 but unfortunately the car suffered a sad faith and got destroy by a woman driver back in June 2016.

Here she was In all her glory.

Anyway, I had a baby girl in August so I wanted a 4 door and obviously I turned my self toward the mk6 R since I couldn't afford a mk7. And I found one bone stock driven by a gentleman.

The fastest and sexiest color also.

A week after I found someone local selling a unibrace for cheap so I jumped on it.

Also installed my Euro cup holder that was supposed to go in the mkv but never made it lol.

White line torque mount insert.

Few pictures I took the first week I got the car.

Got a free CTS turbo intake that needed some love.

Welded a new piece and applied some paint to prevent rusting.

And wrapped it up to hide the defect.

Got a new set of wheels, 18x8 et40 18lbs each. Much better compared to the 28lbs telladegas.

And recently I installed my Euro rear fog taillight.

Few more parts are on the car right now.
Led puddle lights
R8 coil pack.
OEM monster mats (GTI)
OEM monster mats (R32)
Oem trunk mat
Euro switch with auto light sensor

Parts waiting for installation
Neusspeed rear sway bar
IE pcv delete kit
Passat aluminum knuckles
Passat aluminum control arms with tres bushing
Porsche GT3 brake ducts
Blind spot mirror
Black washer and coolant cap
Rev9 downpipe.
ECS sport wing.

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