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BMW tried to pull on me

On my way to my house before stopping by the local meet and some dude behind me in a BMW 5 series is riding my ass. I believe it was a 4th gen 5 series not too sure on BMWs tho. Any ways, dude decides I'm driving too slow and changes lanes around me and just goes wot all the way down the street to the next light. I drop down and follow and we are side by side at the light. Light turns green and he mashes the gas and his tires break loose a weee bit while I'm roasting all of 1st gear, shift to 2nd and roast half of 2nd gear till I hook in 3rd. By the time I passed 80 the gap between us was big enough to land a plane. I slowed down and he caught up and tried to redeem him self by challenging me to freeway run but I declined. No point in wasting any more gas or going out of my way to put more buses on him haha. He was really persistent too which made it funny and when I asked if he was stock he said "kinda not really, don't trip bro it's just a little v8 let's run em" lol in the end he was cool and told me he liked my car.

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