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I keep buying parts don't either haven't had the time or I lack the capability/knowledge/tools to install them. So my parts list just keeps growing larger.

That being said, I finally got around to putting in my deAutoKey interior kit and license plate LEDs. I put them on during the day and it's still day so I figured taking pictures of it and posting them here wouldn't do much good.

Also got around to putting my on Ultra Racing middle lower under brace. I bought it used off of a local guy here who was parting out his TDI before he traded it back in.

I haven't driven the car since I put the brace on, so I can't provide any feedback on the performance. It feels pretty solid compared to those flimsy aluminum pieces that I replaced. I'm excited to go out and drive it to see how it feels. I'm not expecting miracles from this bar and I think there are better options, but for the $50 I paid for it, I think I'll be happy.

Also, I'm happy that is easily clears my resonator I put on with my downpipe.


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