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Originally Posted by thewalkingdad View Post
Hey deAutoKey,

I bought a full interior + license plate kit used from a member who was selling back his TDI. Problem was, two of the dome lights need replacing (one is just not working and the other has a few LEDs out).

I'm not asking you guys to honor a lifetime warranty on parts I bought used, but I didn't see on your site if I could buy just two of those dome lights. I don't want the 5 piece kit or have to pay more for the color changing lights. Just need plain bright white.

Can you guys hook me up with that?

Hi, we can help, we don't have any emails like this so please contact for more help here.

Originally Posted by riceburner View Post
How does one install the footwell leds?
Hi it is easy, you can take a look here on how to install the entire kit:

Checkout all LEDs here:

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