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Help, no idea why radio won't turn on

Greetings and looking for simple advise, in case anyone has encountered this before.

Car: 2012 golf R
Issue: battery died

After replacing battery a bunch of weird things happened. For starters, the abs wheel sensors malfunctioned and had to replace 3 (ended up changing 4 just in case). Speedo went from reading straight to 0. Dcc button flashes on/off constantly, and several lights remain on such as (traction, steering, tire pressure, and red ! Indicating brake malfunction. Last, mfd or whatever the center radio display does not turn on.

Brought car to dealer and of course have to replace abs sensors which boggle me because my car has severely low mileage. 16k miles.

Dealer suspect wiring as cause of radio malfunction and requires tearing dash apart. I worry they might screw something else up. Any ideas how to reset the unit? Dealer checked fuse and seems ok.

Please provide any ideas and it is highly appreciated, thanks lots I advance.
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