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Angry Turbo failed at 48,000kms!!!!! Is APR tune the culprit?

So, past few months has been a pain and expensive for me – My Mk6 Golf R 2010 (APR stage 2+ ready but running on stage 1+ atm) has a blown turbo!!!!!!

I got it checked and turns out its leaking oil through the seals on the exhaust side (usually smoke on hill stop or after idling for a min or so.
I sent it to get checked by a turbo specialist here’s his response:

“Looking at this situation and looking at the original turbocharger that came of the car to me you may well be getting yourself into hot water.
The Original turbocharger to us looks to have failed due to over boost.”

Apparently, he won’t suggest rebuilding it as it will be expensive, suggested to buy a brand new one.

It sucks the car has only done 48,000kms the whole white smoke thing started happening at 45,000kms !!

I rang the local APR dealer he just couldn’t believe that the turbo has failed at this low Kms…. He was like there are 100’s of Golf R running more power on the stock turbo and has travelled 100,000+ kms with no issue.
He told me the turbo is strong enough to handle 25psi (my current boost) also I was the first case with this kinda problem

I am confused now…. Turbo guy is blaming the high boost tune also said if I install the stock turbo I will end up on the same situation again and APR dealer is saying that’s strange, probably it’s just a badly assembled turbo (bad luck).

Today the stock Brog W. K04 is getting installed on my car, I thought of going with Franken F23T but ECS Tuning are out of stock  (honestly shit luck and timing).

Is it the APR tune stressing the turbo? Any way I could control or limit the boost (under 25psi)?

I bought this car at 41000kms – looks wise it’s in MINT condition, regularly serviced by VW every 12 months (too long for me) since I bought the car I changed the oil every 5000 kms. The pervious owner used this as a weekend/meet car.

Here’s a list of mods I’ve got installed:

• APR Stage 2+ ready
• APR Front Mount Intercooler System
• APR High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)
• APR Intake Manifold Runner Flap Delete (RFD)
• VWR Transverse Cold Air Intake System
• IPe full exhaust
• Forge motorsport Blow Off Adaptor
• Spulen catch can with PCV valve delete
• APR tune
• Ultra-Racing under body bracing
• UNIbrace XB brace

• Carbon fibre spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser
• Flow design front bumper lip
• Carbon headlight eyelids
• Blacked out VW logos
• Recaro racing seats (leather/alcantara)
• H&R lowering springs
• Work VSxx Wheels
• Work emotions lug nuts
• Pirelli P zero tyres
• Forge motorsports

Any thoughts on what I should do? Or any recommended tune I should go with? I just want my car to be realible now...

Thank you
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