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i certainly wouldn't tell you which car to buy or keep, but i will throw in my $0.02 on a couple of issues.

winter - my gti with winter tires is fantastic. i bought a set of 17" wheels and a set of winter tires, and it's worked brilliantly. i had three subarus prior to this, and outside of a couple of incidents involving ice my vw has been fantastic in the winter.

awd - awd is awesome, but there is definitely a learning curve involved, as the car can go from understeer to oversteer in far less time than you take to soil your britches. i say this in reference to rally stages, which are already of questionable traction, but perhaps better "feel" than when it happens on pavement... (what i mean is, when you're driving in anger this can bite yer ass).

i loved my subies, but i don't really miss them for winter driving.

if vw rolled up to my house with an 'r' i would make room for it.
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