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Originally Posted by BuiltforSin View Post
Looks great. Would love to see it on CSG.
Just waiting on a customer to send over pics so I'll be sure to share them with you guys when I get them.

Originally Posted by Blakcard View Post
Can it ship to Canada? How long does it take to install w/o the lip? Maybe I ship to Buffalo and install in a parking lot.
Yes we can ship to Canada! It is a little more expensive than shipping to the US, but not much more. Install typically takes customers ~1.5hrs to get it installed. Most of the time is just removing and reinstalling the bumper.

Originally Posted by Short Bus View Post
Have you considered offering a wheel skirt option that extends up from the edge of the lip against the bumper along the wheel arch? Aerodynamically this helps push air around the wheel opening and is extra useful if the tire pokes out a bit.
I'm hoping to add Splitter accessories in the future like canard style extensions, support rods, and other items. I'll keep your suggestion in mind when I get around to planning that line out.

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