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Engine dumping all boost at 15psi


well got this Golf-R a few weeks ago, and wow problem after problem...

2012, stage II APR tune, BB catback exhaust, VWR intake

So started off needing a new clutch, put in southbend stage II. $2k later and the clutch now doesnt slip. joy.... only to expose the fact that once the engine hits about 15psi, it drops ALL boost. still accelerates without the boost pushing. when flooring it from low RPM, it happens generally around 4500rpm, but if you start acceleration at say 4000rpm, it cuts off at a much higher RPM, so it seems to be boost related, not RPM related. if you are going say 75mph in 6th gear and floor it, i have seen it at 23psi, and holding, but that is fairly rare.

so the turbo/ECU is dumping boost for whatever reason
no check engine lights.
has high pressure fuel pump installed, VAGCOM says it is making good pressure at high RPM, so that is not it i think

possible hints:
before replacing the clutch, i got a CEL after i floored it on the freeway and the clutch slipped notably. later looked up the CEL, said misfires. CEL not repeatable after replacing the clutch, so i suspect had to do directly with the clutch problem.

I also once got an "EPC" light under the same clutch slipping activity. it later went away after restarting the car.

could it be in some kind of limp mode? the car will rev to redline (after it dumps the boost), and it will travel easily above 90mph.

CEL cleared after clutch installed; and battery has been disconnected (over an hour) - and no change in the problem.


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