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Originally Posted by SpeedyCorky View Post
OK so searching Google for "MK6 not holding boost", i came across this:

basically part you put in the diverter valve so it will hold more than stock boost; got me thinking

.... we DID take out a BOV insert when we installed the clutch (figuring it was just a POS that made a cute pppssshhh sound and nothing more).... sooo i reinstalled the BOV just now and went for a test run - NOW HOLDS BOOST MUCH BETTER! i'm getting consistently above 20psi in most gears! and it seems to not bleed off as quickly when it does bleed. it does loose boost at times still tho, and i got a check engine light to go along with it... gotta wait for a buddy of mine who has a reader to get back to me so i can see what code it threw

the issue sure isnt 'solved', but its a lot better thats for sure. i do get some diverter valve 'flutter' now, above 20psi with sustained boost in higher gears such as 5th or 6th

so do I need this: ?

and/or this: ?

god damn it felt so good to get this issue partially solved, and dramatically narrowed down!

video of it pulling 4th and 5th gear now with BOV installed
As far as the rev D unit it's hard to say if you need it or not. For peace of mind I'd probably just get it and add a DV+ later if you aren't happy with it but for the most part it's pretty solid as is. I have the DV+ and it is an improvement over stock for sure. At times it makes some interesting noises.

Note that in like 3rd/4th my APR tune will boost to about 28 and gradually start falling off around 5500 rpms so some of what you are experiencing may be normal.
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