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Farewell the R community

I posted this on the Mk7 boards as well. I just wanted to say thanks.

The lady friend and I first ventured into VW R's when she bought a '12 R in Florida. She owned a 2003 manual golf as her first car and adored it. I convinced her to drive the R and she was sold after pulling out of the parking lot. She loved the car for many years and finally decided she wanted a more spacious vehicle with upgraded interior toys and traded it in for a red '17 CX-5 GT.

I bought my '15 R after selling the Viper because we were leaving Florida for Washington, and I knew it wouldn't belong there. The thought of driving it across the country still makes me shudder, and looking back on the route we took there was no way we could have done it. We took our hatchbacks across the continent traveling through the desert, plains, rockies and finally the PNW. After countless trips loaded up with skiing gear and doing snow donuts my time has finally come to an end.

She has the dedicated gear hauler on an AWD platform with a roof box and snow tires, and I no longer needed any of it. I enjoyed both VW generation forums and all the help I've found to keep both cars trouble free for over 60,000 combined miles.

The replacement is a bit more along the lines of the Viper as it is loud, bright, 2 seats, and way way less practical. Out with the old in with the new, thank you for all the good times.
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