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BringerOdeath's "Better late than never build log"

Sooooooo, after much prodding from some forum members, (some who live near me), I have decided to start a very late in the game build log.

What I have done since I bought my car in 2012......


Ed's headlights, version 2 with 15 LED's (Black)(sold, no longer on car)

I installed these at the same time I installed the FMIC, and the install was pretty easy with the bumper off as many DIY's here show.

Ed's Golf R side skirts with OEM golf R skirt mounting rails(The non oem ones weren't rigid enough, but the skirts look and feel exactly like the OEM ones.

Color matched bumper insert

OEM bumper lip

Black and red badges and emblems

OEM Dark cherry LED tails(soon with sequential turn signals)

Sequential mirror housings with puddle lights, smoked with DEuatokey LED modules.( work great, but have always had a ground error code in vcds, may have to ground them differently.)

OEM Door warning lights

OEM style pop up reverse camera

Auto light switch(currently not wired for auto or Rear fog, work in progress)

Rain/light sensor and auto dimming mirror

Rear footwell lights

OSRAM Xenarc Headlights, black edition

Gloss black rear Rieger Difuser

Folding mirrors with puddle lights/mirror dip in reverse

Future Cosmetic mods:

Park assist/ 35th edition bumper

Porsche Cayenne exhaust tips(If we can figure out how to get them to fit well)

Sequential LED's installed in LED tails


Godspeed V2 FMIC, (which I got for free)

This was the first thing I installed on the car when a buddy gave sent it to me from California as a gift. The install was pretty straight forward, but it took me 5 fours since I was learning at the same time. Could probably do it in 3 now or fewer.

K04 turbo with GIAC tune

Spulen Charge pipe

Awe S3 style Turbo outlet pipe

Audi R8 red coilpacks

Volant air intake


Integrated engineering PCV/Africa plate, spulen SN10 hoses, No name aluminum catch can.

Audi TTS-TTRS Brake Master Cylinder

Spulen short shift/side to side/ Torque solutions shift bushings and shift mount bushings.

M-factory LSD

RSR style clutch

Clutchmasters Hydraulic TOB with braided clutch lines.

Koni coilovers

Hotchkis Front and rear 27mm sway bars

Spulen adjustable front end links

42DD Downpipe with HF CAT

TTRS front calipers, 370mm OEM TTRS rotors/red stuff pads.

Dual caliper Rear 4-piston Cayenne/Touareg setup with Mk7 PP rear caliper as E-brake

R32 braided brake lines

TSW Donington Black wheels 18x8

lug conversion with race nuts

034 subframe collar kit

Tyrolsport rear subframe collar kit

034 aspherical dog bone mount

Vibratech subframe bushing

Passat aluminum spindles and Alum Audi TT control arms with super pro bushings


Sequential LED's installed in LED tails

AWD conversion?

Whatever I think up next. It never ends.

If anyone has any questions about any of the installs on the parts in my build, just ask as we did them ourselves. I am going to start logging anything I do or mod, any problems/issues, on this thread....

If you need a tech that can install any of these mods in middle TN, at a much more reasonable Price(He installed the LSD and clutch with my help), PM me and I can give you his contact info.

K04 G.I.A.C. Tuned, Godspeed FMIC V2.0, R8 red Coilpacks, Volant Intake, Fastbits DV+,42 Draft designs DP-high flow cat, Fluidampr, 034 motorsports street engine/tranny mounts, Vibratech Subframe insert, 034 motosports aspherical dogbone, 034 stainless subframe collar kit, IE Africa plate, AWE S3 style Charge /discharge pipes, Koni Coilovers, TSW Donington wheels, Golf R side skirts, TTRS BBK, Dual caliper Cayenne rear BBK

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