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Ok so I will run you through my story “IT WAS A NIGHMATE MATE”
I started noticing white/greyish smoke from the exhaust pipes every time the car was parked on a hill (exhaust facing downwards) usually happened to me when I use to stop at traffic lights near my work.
Me being a DYI person I started doing research online for any solutions. I came across this YouTube video -
which made me think that PCV valve was the culprit. Instead on buying a new PCV value I decided to get a Suplen catch can with PCV block off plate.
After installing the catch can I still had smoke coming out!!! So I decided to get the car checked and mechanic removed the downpipe to see the turbo. He spotted oil on the exhaust side of the turbo and told me that my turbo is fucked.
Now machinic and the turbo company (where I got my old turbo checked) blamed the APR tune, they said because the tune is peaking the turbo at 25psi it has worn out the oil seals – making the turbine shaft go in and out.
I ordered a new turbo got it installed and after 2 days when I was driving the car in traffic I saw the freaking smoke again!!!!
So, I take the car back to the machinic at his workshop I parked the came on a hill let it run after 30 secs or so white smoke started coming out.
What was the fix?
The mechanic removed the catch can and PCV block off plate and installed new PCV valve and connected it VW way.
So by that what I mean is people usually put a block off screw on boost tap to prevent oil pressure going in intake manifold to prevent carbon build up. So he basically connected PCV and removed the screw.
And guess what it FIXED the problem!!!!
So I spent 5k for something which was working fine, instead of 149$ for new PVC.
Plus it gave me few white hair because of the stress I had for few months.

Even after doing and spending this much money I still don’t have 100% answers for some of my questions.
Me: So does this mean my old turbo was fine?
Mechanic: ummm Maybe yes!
Me: Then how come I had oil on exhaust side of the turbo?
Mechanic: Because the PCV was blocked with a screw from manifold side it wasnt releasing the excessive oil pressure… so it had to do it some how and then he showed me a oil pipe which goes to the turbo under the rocker cover… according to him when the car was on a hill the oil entered that pipe and went to the exhaust, causing the smoke.
Me: but the catch can is suppose to prevent this?
mechanic: I can not answer why it smoked after installing it.
Me: why was I told that the turbo is fucked?
Mechanic: I do not know exactly why they said that.

I really hope this helps you anyone with similar problem.

Thank you.
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