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Almost Traded my MK6 for an RS today

Hello Everyone, your input.

My local Ford Dealer has a White RS that I have been eye balling for a while. It was in their show room with a mark up and no one was buying it. I stopped by yesterday for shits and giggles and now the mark up is off and they wanted to make a deal with me. I was on the fence, looking at about $500 a month for 72 months to have it. I ended up walking out. Was I stupid?

See, my MK6 GTI is mint. Never modded has 47k miles on it and besides the OEM LED tails and front spoiler is completely stock. Not a nick on it all OEM paint and well is nearly perfect as a car almost 5 yrs old can be, mine is a 2013. I own my GTI outright, no payments, and my insurance is fairly cheap.

I sold my 2006 Evo 9 MR to buy the GTI in 2013. Not because I wanted to, but due to divorce. I thought the GTI would satisfy my need for speed so to speak, but have found it falls a little short, but is a great car overall. Deep down I still had this hope of more. I think its just how I had to sell my Evo and that never settled well with me.

Fast forward to now, Could I afford the $500 a month for the RS? Yes. Money of course would be a little tighter, but I could do it, but part of me, maybe the rational side is saying, your older now, you have been there done that and now you have a practically new GTI sitting in the garage with ZERO payment and that is money in the bank. I can actually SAVE money for once in my life vs spending it.

So I am hear for council for my addiction to cars. It really is an addiction and I need help. So i am reaching out to my VW community for support. Did I do the right thing? Or am I just getting older and wiser? Or should I say "F" it you only life once live the dream one more time. Opinions will vary by age group I realize this, I am in my mid 40's and have owned 4 Evo's since 2003-2012. I am happy with the GTI, just feel like something is missing that a tune and some good tires just wont fix. Yet, it would be stupid to spend the money. Right?

Your Thoughts?

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