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I really admire all that your doing to your car. Some folks on here know that I have been on the fence on keeping my car, or selling and getting something else.

I see from your mods, you have at least 10k invested in your car already, if not more, and not sure how much of the work you do yourself vs installed by a pro but I am sure your build is over 10k thus far and growing as most builds do.

I own my car as I am sure you do too or close to it being yours is a 13 like mine is, my car right now has 47k miles on it and is bone stock.

I have been on the fence to sell my car and get an STI, Focus RS or a used Evo. I have many used Evo parts laying around since I have had 4 of them over the years. I just am not sure about VW and this TSI engine. I look under the hood and see so much "weirdness" haha I know there are many that build these cars and have very few problems. It just seems there still are little issues that concern me. HFFP, Timing Chain Tensionors, water pumps, intake manifolds, Ignition issues even with Red Tops, having to install a LSD, suspension work, brakes, I mean you would REALLY REALLY need to have faith in this car to do these things. I have had good luck with my car thus far (knock on wood) but its babied and is not without its hickups. I'm on my 4th water pump, my valve cover was re sealed, and a cam angle sensor failed thus far. Fairly minor for these cars I am finding out.

So not to jack your build thread or anything like that, I am just asking your opinion, are you happy with the fact that you put all this money into a FWD platform with questionable reliability or do you feel going another route is better? In your opinion with all you have done thus far? Its cool too how you guys seem to have these VW places that work on these cars. There is NO ONE within 120 miles of me that will touch this car. At least for mods, I would have to drive to San Diego, and they are frickin crazy expensive. Place called PURE motorsports in SD area about 140 miles away from me wanted $300 just to install a Dead Set kit on the front end. I mean that just sounded crazy to me. Imagine how much a K04 would be to install??

anyway....sorry if I have your build thread, not my intention, just want to get your opinion is all. Will help me decide on what to do...

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